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Tip For The Day: Phishing 101

Something that can help you with your daily work.

Phishing is an attack that scammers do to gain information that they can use to extort money or to gain leverage by using classified information for personal and criminal gain.

In the present world, almost everything is done electronically. A perfect example of this is email, we sometimes receive emails from unknown senders claiming that you won something or even claiming that they are from a certain company which their service you have used, that all you have to do is either give them your details or simply click a certain link.



Here are Things to Look for to Avoid Phishing:

Sender’s Name
If the domain name looks a bit sketchy, or if it seems like it’s a spoof of a brand that’s a start.

Compressed Files
This tip is from a trusted friend who is in the I.T field, he said that if it is from an unknown sender then probably that’s not safe to open, so don’t you dare try to click it!
If the body of the message is full of grammatical errors then think no more, it’s a scam!

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