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Tip for the Day: 3 Simple Ways to Chill While at Work

In life, we are sometimes forced to face stress, and one of the main cause (after probably lovelife) are work related stresses. So how do we find our way around to chill and avoid stressing our hearts out?



  • Drink your tea.  Teas are found to give a sense of calmness to those who drinks them. There are specific tea variants which aids in calming the nerves such as :
    • Oolong
    • Jasmine
    • Chamomile

                        *if you are not convinced you can search for their benefits*.

  • Smile – As the saying goes, smile is the only curve line that sets everything straight, so flash your most beautiful smile, look at yourself in the mirror and see that there is no problem that can and will break your smile.
  • Breathe – Whenever you feel the tension and your blood pressure rising, pause for a while breathe in then breathe out. This will ease your muscles and somehow doubles as meditation.

So, go ahead chill out and relax.

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