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Thesis Defend Tip’s

Ilang araw na lang , DEFENSE DAY nanaman! 😊 Narito ang ilang mga tips para sa successful THESIS PRESENTATION and DEFENSE: 1. Wag masyadong mayabang sa thesis dahil lalo kayong dudurugin. Kapag tinanong ang functions huwag mong sabihin lahat, ilahad lang ang mga may kailangan ng linaw. 2. Tamang sagot …

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Tipid Adventure for Only 800 pesos?

Tipid Adventure for Only 800 pesos? This beautiful resort located at Orani Bataan . Accessible ang place and relaxing because of the view. the resort has 2 infinity pool, activities like zip line , sky swing, sky bike and sky bridge, they also have a paintball. How to get there? From …

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Tip For The Day: Phishing 101

Something that can help you with your daily work. Phishing is an attack that scammers do to gain information that they can use to extort money or to gain leverage by using classified information for personal and criminal gain. In the present world, almost everything is done electronically. A perfect …

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